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RGB series LED lightsIlluTank RGB striprgb led

Pack 1red, 1green and 1blue chip in a lamp, make wonderful RGB color output. The best performance, and used most widely RGB light source are SMD5050 tri-chip LED. company with RGB controllers, it's supply many setted color change modes(gradul change, strobe). or mount it's in a IC circuit, it's allows modes design by yourself.
And IlluTank RGB solution to the module, pixel and neon are stable.

RGB module light

RGB LED Module: IlluModuleTM RGB Family

When the RGB module mount in a letter, then you can easy set the color change model and speed. attention, the IRGB ones are specific suit to DMX 512 control unit.

IlluModuleTM 300 series SMD5050 module

RGB module lightRGB module light
3LED RGB moduleLED module
RGB light module RGB light module
IC module light IC light module
RGB strip

RGB LED Strip: IlluStripTM RGB Family

RGB strip supply a color change linear source for coving lighting, or even holiday lighting.

IlluStripTM 300 series SMD5050 strip

IlluStripTM 200 series SMD3528 strip

RGB strip lightRGB strip light
30LED RGB strip30led strip
RGB strip 3528 RGB light module

RGB LED Pixel: IlluPixelTM RGB Family

It's also the most used widely RGB solution. RGB pixel for buliding adge lighting: We are develop a new own design family, please waiting for our update.   coming soon!!

IlluPixelTM 300 series SMD5050 pixel light

  • IlluPixelTM I300 CW5 round  1.5W
  • IlluPixelTM I300 CW7 round  2W

IlluPixelTM I300 series with IC circuit

  • IlluPixelTM I300 CW5 round  1.5W
  • IlluPixelTM I300 CW7 round  2W
  • IlluPixelTM I300 CW12 Round 3.5W

RGB LED Dot: IlluDotTM FamilyIlluDot

RGB dot is design to make a easy array letter.

RGB LED dotRGB dot light
LED dot light 256LED dot with IC
DMX design
DMX lighting design

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