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LED, short of "light emitting diode", it's a semiconductor light source, LED since the LED tech grows and the overcome many problems in developing, LED show a great advantage, and it's gonna to be the coming generation lighting. The LED knowledge will helps you in chort further.

The LEDs as one of semiconductor, made of sand.

People refine the silicon from quartz sand, and make it almost pure crystal. and by a lot of accurate process, put the designed circuit in the wafer. the LED lamps are made of these chips, package and protected in a base and house.

and the LED lamps are IlluTank material. Epistar chip from Taiwan and some from China mainland, and packing in Shenzhen.

LED process

IlluTank value

The process location where IlluTank Opto stay is SMT of SMD LEDs, and the welding and waterproof process. We get a series mature solution of LED backlight design, and also, we welcome OEM, with your materials and our process, we can be your factory. and special design is also available. we offer more than just label print, also special design and develop.

Feel free to contact us for more.

LED strip produce process

SMD strip process is IlluTank main job, and also a standard SMT job.

1. Material(LEDs/ Resistants/ flexible strip PCBs/ Welding paste) purchase and inspection, it's very important, failure material made more cost when inspected unqualified or even failure in after SMT.

2. SMT material in oven to warm up dehumidification for 2~12Hrs(depends on the temperature and materials). and PCB wash.

3. Print solder paste to the FPCB though iron net.

4. Set the mount programe according to the strip model. load the material to the SMT feed system.

5. SMT the resistant and LEDs.LEDSMT

6. Inspection of the mounted strips by humans eyes, find the wrong mount and dislocation device and adjust it.

7. Put the finished SMT in the reflow welding oven.

8. Check the strip by pin connect lighting.

9. Lighting aging for 8~12Hrs.LEDaging

10. Connect the 0.5M strip to 5M ribbon. and lighting text.

11. (to waterproof strip) Glue drop or silicon sleeve waterproof process. and aging after the process.

12. 3M tape adhere to the strip.

13. Packing and delivery!

IlluTank focus on it for long, and our produce team are experience.

LED circuit

The LEDs are sensitive with the drive voltage and current. The semiconductor requires narrow deviation. Rated If/Vf input. different color LEDs are little different in Vf/If. So the circuit design is also important to the LED lights. To the low wattage LEDs, the most popular driver mode is voltage constant with resistant limiting current. the exsample you can easy find is LED strip lights, LED module lights, LED light bar. please check the pic "SMD3528 DC12V circuit". to the high wattage LEDs, mostly in current constant mode. the COB LEDs, and high wattage commecial lights are mostly in this drive mode. please check the pic "current constant drive mode", for example a T8 LED tube 0.6M 60LEDs(6series, 10 parallel curcuit).

DC LED drive modeCurrent constant LED

IlluTank Opto mainly supply low wattage SMD LED applications. Here we introduce the DC drive mode for your info. please check the SMD3528 single chip DC12V circuit, it's a standard circuit. adjust the R1 for different current for different color LEDs. and to the SMD5050 LEDs, it's can be 3LED packed together, you can regard 5050 ones as 3SMD3528 circuit together.

SMD3528 strip5050 circuit


Factors to LED application price

LED application is more and more popular in recent years, and we are sure it soon gonna be the standard lighting. the price down benefit from the process of LED tech. I can still remenber the first LED strip light pricelist I see, compare to the latest ones, it droped more than 50%. and also, the market consumption rise more than 10 times.
So, how can the LED price drop? which factor are connecting to the LED applications? how to find a ideal partner if you in this domain.

Also the LED strip light, which we know something about, as exsample:
First, let's make a BOM of the LED strip:
1, LED lamps,
2, Flexible PCB,
3, Resistant,
4, connector wire,
5, Double adhesive tape,
6, Epoxy/silicon glue for waterproof.
The LED lamps can be a big cost of the strip, fisrt it's large quantity need(30/60LED /meter), and also it's high tech product. and the mainly part of the LED lamp is LED chip. there many LED chip brands you may heard. Cree, Osram, Nichia, Sumsung. those are the top LED chips in the world. they performance excellent, and also in a high price. and there are some secondly brand in US, Japan, SK, and also Taiwan. like Epistar, Huga, Tekcore. China is the largest LED material market as the world factory, many local enterprises purchase equiments from Greman/US, and begin to make LED chips, they are little behind the second rank, but the grap is closing. The price between these supplier are in huge different.
The PCB board also a important part, the quality and thickness of the cooper layer can be different. also, recent years, there is some economic design(PCB only one cooper layer). and the manufacturing process and skill are different in different supplier.
There are various connector(easy connector, or waterproof connector) solution, also standard wire out for strips.
The resistant can be small cost for the whole solution, but there also different ranks, in accuracy 5%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.1%. different brand in the same accuracy also different in stablity.

The strip light process for example. different speed SMT machine mounting in different efficiency. and lead-free soldering process cost more than leaded soldering. and some factory shorten the aging time and inspection, also can save some cost.

People consider of the LED application opration, mainly in brightness. that led some supplier play some tricks, they make the circuit design in great brightness but reduse the life-span of LEDs.

Maturity of the solution
Each new design come to the market, the price will stay in high. and back to normal for some period. and for some mature solution, easy to get in the supply chain, and the work line is fimilar with the produce. the competitive is intense, it's can be best cost performance.

That's also one factor to the LED price, unit price, the average price. When your order is in considerable quantity, you can get materials in better price!

Factors to a ideal LED supplier

China know as "World factory". many goods export from China to all over the world. but the reputation of Made in China is not good. one of my customer in west Europe, told me that, he didn't trust Chinese supplier. they make so many tricks any where they can imagine, cheaper materials, redused process.... but they chose to cooperation with China factory in the end, they pay additional attention to control the facotry operation.
that's indicate a fact here. China is a large produce workshop, the supply chain/ labour is competitive. but also, there are some problems. many Chinese supplier are low rank and homogeneous market localtion. no creative idea. blind jion when the market bloom, and led overcapacity, then vicious competition.

It's can be the frist factor in most of the time, and also the competitive factor buy from China. China got great labour price advantage, through is reducing in recently years. and the skill of labour, the mature of supply chain, make it still the best workshop.

Enterprise rank
The location of the company decide the rank he can support.We are not agree with made in China means bad quality. In these years, we communicated with many buyer from different regions. some buyer from less developed regions specified they need economic solution. they can accept low quality products and meet their target price. and some buyer want the mature competitive solution with stable operation, and some buyers ask more in quality, and need to meet their certification standard.

Location your business market, then find the rank supplier in the same local, with good communication, you will find it idea partner. there is no best supplier, but partner suit your business best.

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