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SMD LED Tube: IlluTubeTM FamilyLED tube light

IlluTank Opto developed full type of LED tube light alternative. SMD LEDs in current constant driver, in aluminum PCB and aluminum shell. the cover can be clear, frosted, or stripe PC half tube.

The solution can be great for market, factory, house glass tube light replace project. more than 60% electrical bill saving.

IlluTubeTM series T8/ T10

T8 LED tube lightT8 2feet
4FT tube lightT8 4 feet tube light
IP67 stripT10 tube light
LED tube lightT10 4 feet

  • IlluTubeTM 8B T8 feet
  • IlluTubeTM 8D T8 4feet
  • IlluTubeTM 8E T8 5feet
  • IlluTubeTM 10B T10 2 feet

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