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SMD LED Strip: IlluStripTM 300/200 Family

When the LED lamps meet the FPCB tech, a huge spark burst out, the flexible LED strip light(also named "LED ribbon", "LED tape light") soon become popular in the lighting industry. it's can be cut in a specific length and reconnect, and many different waterproof types for outdoor use! and also double adhesive tape to install. The SMD process is cheap and stable industrial process, make it the best cost performance light source.

IlluTank Opto focus mainly in SMD and waterproof process, and we witness the bloom of the LED strips, and expansion even right now. We are for sure, the market of LED strip is huge in any region!

Waterproof type:
IP65 Transparent epoxy glue(epoxy/PU) covered jacket
IP67 Silicon sleeve tubing protection
IP68 Silicon tube + epoxy glue sealed, usually with waterproof connector

IlluStripTM 300 series SMD5050 strip

SMD5050 strip light14.4W/M 60LED
SMD5050 strip120SMD5050/M strip
IP67 stripsilicon sleeve strip IP67
30LED light ribbon30LED strip

IlluStripTM 400 series SMD5630 strip

SMD5630 strip light60LED
color jacket stripColor jacket LED strip
LED stripRetail LED package

  • IlluStripTM 400B WX 30W 60LED   Non-waterproof  IP65Droper  IP67sleeve

IlluStripTM 200 series SMD3528 strip

Waterproof LED strip60LED/M strip SMD3528
240LED light ribbon240LED strip 19.2W/M
120LED tape light 120LED strip 9.6W/M
backlit LED stripbacklight strip

IlluStrip DC

AC strip lights: IlluStripTM DC Family

The AC strip is developed from the DIP LED round and rectangle tube. the AC strip directly AC drive, and waterproof. used widely for outdoor decoration lighting and architecture lighting. standard in 50/100M/Roll. Check the family below:

IlluStripTM AC series SMD5050 strip light

AC LED strip lightSMD5050 AC strip

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