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IlluTank Pixel lights - Outdoor decoration

SMD5050 LED module light

Model:IlluPixelTM series

Outdoor architechtural decoration pixel light solution, perfect light source top SMD5050, PVC or Aluminum base optional, and different size version available for different bright requires! top material for high quality lighting project.

Available for different size and bright for different project! OEM shell (star / cross / ...) Contact with IlluTank sales team for your specificy requires!


  • Super bright SMD5050 as light source. Long lifespan, and low light decay benefit from Epistar technology, RGB or single color.
  • Energy saving upon 60% to conventional lighting.
  • Glue sealed solution, IP67, perfect for outdoor.
  • Waterproof connector for the install, OEM length for specicial project.
  • Clear/ milk / stripe cover optional.
  • RGB/ DMX512 256/ 1024 grayscale available.
  • Stable solution under IlluTank process and inspection.
  • Suit with IlluTank DC24V driver.

Common application

  • Architectural lighting.

Other color version

  • Pure white/ Cool white
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red
  • RGB
  • RGB programed
  • RGB + DMX512 onsite control
30mm DC12V PC shell + glue sealed
40mm DC24V PC shell + glue sealed
50mm DC24V PC shell + glue sealed
80mm DC24V PC shell + glue sealed
100mm DC24V PC /Alu base + PC Cover
120mm DC24V PC /Alu base+ PC Cover
150mm DC24V PC /Alu base + PC Cover


LED pixel light stringIlluPixel 8 full sealed
SMD5050 pixel lightAlu Base IlluPixel 15
LED pixel lightPVC IlluPixel10 light
outdoor decorationPixel light bar
LED pixel light3LED pixel light
programmable pixel light6LED pixel light
LED pixel light7LED pixel light
LED cross lightpixel+cross lighting

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