IlluTank Philosophy
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LED Neon: IlluNeonTM Family

We make a long period to find a good material for the strip to light even, and now, our solution are dark dot free in a certain distant, which can make it same looking to the conventional neon lights.

IlluNeon are each meter cutable, and 50M as a reel.


IlluNeonTM 300 series

LED neon ropeWhite LED neon
single color neonFlexible neon yellow
red neon ropeRed neon light 80LED/M
RGB neon lightMulti-color neon rope

Additional accessory series

LED neon accessoryaccessory
  • Input plug driver for 2/4wire  
  • Connector in -/L/+/A shape
  • Aluminum U channel/ clip
  • End cap

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