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LED Neon: IlluNeonTM Family

We make a long period to find a good material for the strip to light even, and now, our solution are dark dot free in a certain distant, which can make it same looking to the conventional neon lights.

AC driveNeon are each meter cutable, and 50M as a reel. perfect for building edge lighting.

IlluTank new DC drive LED neon rope(IlluNeon 400) use SMD2835 LED as light source, cuttable each 5cm or 2.5cm(flexible as DC strip). perfect for shop sign charactor making! no limit to your design imagination!


IlluNeonTM 300 series

LED neon ropeWhite LED neon
single color neonFlexible neon yellow
red neon ropeRed neon light 80LED/M
RGB neon lightMulti-color neon rope

IlluNeonTM 400 series

LED neon ropeshop sign DC neon

Additional accessory series

LED neon accessoryaccessory
  • Input plug driver for 2/4wire  
  • Connector in -/L/+/A shape
  • Aluminum U channel/ clip
  • End cap

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