IlluTank Philosophy
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IlluTank LED linear light

LED light combine with tiny LED light source, make it available for linear sharp for the light fixture. and even output for each parts. ideal light source for decoration for edge and linear sharp. We supply economic solution, waterproof solution and flexible solution. We have flexible linear and also rigid linear solutions.

LED strip light

LED Ribbon Light: IlluStripTM Family

LED strip light is flexible string light also well known as LED ribbon, LED tape light. It's perfect to suit on uneven surface. and cutable in 3LED, also make it super flexible in length cutting. it's widely used for coving lighting. and the waterproof solution for outdoor lighting.

We supply in both DC and AC drive strip, and different waterproof rank for outdoor.

LED Neon rope

LED Neon Rope: IlluNeonTM Family

Our neon solution is perfect to replace high voltage glass neon tube lights. Which can be more energy saving, easier maintain, easier install and better light effect.

We have full drive/install clip solution. the AC neon rope support 0.5/1M independent loop cuttable, perfect for building edge lighting, and the DC neon rope 5cm cuttable, perfect for shop sign small letter charactor or image making.

LED light bar

LED Rigid Bar: IlluBarTM Family

Rigid bar is an enhanced version of the flexible strip. Better heat radiation as use of the aluminum PCB. and in a aluminum shell, which is for some high grade back lighting.

We have indoor counter lighting solution, also outdoor lightbox lattice back lighting solution.

LED Tube light

LED Tube Light: IlluTubeTM Family

The tube light solution is design to directly replace the normal T8/T10 tube. reduce the starter and ballast from the fluorescent tube bracket, and directly connect AC to the light.

The driver module inside of the aluminum tube, and super brightness SMD LEDs solution collected.

IlluWasher light

LED Wall Washer: IlluWasherTM Family

The wall washer for outdoor wall lighting. we collected high power LED for the solution, and nice aluminum shell and great waterproof process to it.

We supply both single color and RGB color changing solution with DMX512 control.

LED pixel tube

LED Pixel Tube: IlluPTubeTM Family

The pixel tube solution is perfect for building edge lighting in digital lighting effect. Which can be more energy saving, easier maintain, and we have different grayscale solution for optional.

Support flexible lighting mode, and easy change by SD card program update.

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