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SMD LED Light Bar: IlluBarTM Familylight bar

The LED light bar is a rigid version of LED strip, know as LED bar light, LED rigid strip.

The aluminum can be better in heat radiating than RF4 materials. We collected super bright LEDs for the solution to area lighting in high lumens. nice aluminum shells optional for profit, counter, mirror, kitchen, floor install.

IlluBarTM 300/200 series SMD5050 & SMD2835 light bar

rigid strip SMD5050 rigid strip
light bar curtainlight bar curtain
bar light light box rigid bar

  • IlluBarTM300A WX 7.2W    IP60 Non-waterproof  IP67
  • IlluBarTM300B WX 14.4W  IP60 Non-waterproof  IP67
  • IlluBarTMC300 W 2.8W    IP60 Non-waterproof lattice light bar
  • IlluBarTM200B WX    waterproof  specific for edge lighting light-box

IlluBarTM 400 series SMD5630 and SMD7020 light bar

Waterproof LED stripSMD5630 light bar
lightbox edge barSMD5630 edge lighting
Waterproof LED stripSMD7020 light bar

IlluBarTM C500 series SMD3030 and SMD3535 light bar

Waterproof LED stripSMD3030 curtain bar
lightbox backlit barlightbox backlit bar
lightbox edgelit barlightbox edgelit bar

Aluminum housing + PC cover (OEM acceptable)

  • V/U channel for counter lighting
  • Angle adjusting shell
  • Aluminum + PC cover + waterproof connector

Flexible LED strip / rope solution

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