IlluTank Philosophy
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IlluDotTM Family

LED dot light

The LED dot light is an old solution of LED light source. and the lighting letter with LED dot is outstanding at night. most of landmark are support by LED dot letters. people stand far away can also see the lighting logo.

IlluTank Opto LED dot light been in Gen3, PU sleeve and Silica glue sealed. better waterproof rank than early generations. perfect for outdoor signage!

Light source: F5mm single color bullet/ F9mm single color bullet(3chip)/ F9mm RGB bullet
Dimension: F8mm/ F12mm
Waterproof: IP67
Color: White/ Cool white/ Red/ Yellow/ Green/ Blue/ RGB

IlluDotTM 400 series LED dot light single color

white dotWhite
Blue LED dot lightBlue
Green LED dot lightGreen
Red LED dot lightRed

IlluDotTM 500 series tri-chip LED dot light

12mm single coloe dot lightsingle color 3chip dot
rgb pixel dot lightRGB 3chip Dot light
LED dot lightLED dot with IC

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