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Injection SMD5050 LED module light string

illutank module

Model:IlluModuleTM I300 CW42

The solution collected aluminum PCB and injection shell. the solution is better in outlooking. and as high quality rank. we collect better material to the economic rank. We warranty for 3 years!
  • Power: 0.96W
  • Color: Cool White (10000~13000K)
  • Lumens: 45lm@6000K 3529lx@0.12M
  • Dimension: 55*34*6mm square
  • Wire connecting: 100mm
  • Input: DC12V
  • Light source: Epistar chip SMD5050
  • Material: milk PVC+aluminum PCB
  • Beam angle: 120
  • Life-span: 30000+Hrs
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Advanced rank solution for best quality signs!
  • Energy saving upon 50% to conventional lighting.
  • Long lifespan, and low light decay benefit from Epistar chip technology.
  • Stable solution under IlluTank process and inspection.
  • Flexible application.
  • Suit to a IlluTank DC12V driver.

Common application

  • Illuminated signs, channel letter, lighting billboard.
  • Back lighting

Other color version

  • Red  IlluModuleTM I300 R42  42lm@619~635nm
  • Blue  IlluModuleTM I300 B42 25lm@463~475nm
  • Yellow IlluModuleTM I300 Y42 25lm@584~595nm
  • Green IlluModuleTM I300 G42 46lm@512~528nm
  • RGB
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SMD5050 module
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