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Letter sign LED backlight module light

letter sign backlit LEDs

Model:IlluModuleTM F250 WW41

Rank A LED backlight solution with super bright SMD2835 LED light source, perfect back lighting module for outdoor letter sign backlit.clear ABS injection housing with optical lens, with large angle light emitting.
  • Power: 2W/module
  • Color: Warm White (10000~13000K)
  • Lumens: 157lm@3000K
  • Dimension: 49*49*4mm
  • Wire connecting: 200mm
  • Input: DC12V voltage constant
  • Light source: Epistar chip SMD2835 super bright
  • Material: ABS shell + Alu PCB
  • Beam angle: 150
  • Install: foam tape on the back + screw hole in the middle
  • Drive: CCT circuit
  • Life-span: 50000+Hrs
  • Waterproof: IP67, outdoor project available
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Super bright SMD2835 as light source. Long lifespan, and low light decay benefit from Epistar chip technology
  • Energy saving upon 60% to conventional flourescent lighting.
  • Aluminum PCB solution, great heat radiation.
  • Current constant design for the circuit, great drive environment for the LEDs.
  • Clear ABS injection housing, nice and great protection grade. flame retardent material.
  • Optical lens with 150 emitting light, wide beam for letter sign.
  • High viscosity foam tape and screw hole double install method optional.
  • Stable solution under IlluTank process and inspection.
  • Each module a indepent unit, cut or reconnect available, flexible application, general backlighting/ area lighting.
  • Suit to a IlluTank DC12V driver.

Common application

  • Illuminated letter sign backlit.
  • General back lighting.
  • Large illuminated signage.

Other color version

  • Pure white/ Cool white
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