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Color jacket LED strip light waterproof IP65

Color jacket strip

Model: IlluStripTM C300B X

The solution developed from the glue dropped waterproof LED strip light. mixed with different color phosphor in the transparent glue. fantastic solution for light source can be seen by human, when it off, the color of the strip itself is a decoration. and which the phosphor, you can generated more color with color LEDs. It's a neon style LED strip lights.

  • The solution can be avaiable for all IlluTank strip lights(SMD3528/5050/5630, and different wattage strip)


Color jacket strip
  • Nice color jacket, also support color glue assign.
  • Transmittance about 60% vs non waterproof ones.
  • Silicon glue, lasting long than epoxy ones.

Common application

  • Indoor lighting decoration.
  • Counter lighting.

IlluTank solution:

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RGB strip

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